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Yeah, it's been a while since I've done one of these. Stupid schoolwork.

March 11, 2007 Progress Notes

A Touch of Gold

Today's words: 973
Total words: 18,178
Words for the year: Way less than I ought to have
Reason for stopping: I finished the chapter and ran out of steam
Liquid sustenance: Caramel truffle coffee, milk, orange juice, Starbucks vanilla latte
Actual sustenance: Frosted flakes, homemade insta-soup with rice, Starbucks fruit-and-yogurt parfait
Exercise: 20 minute walk to Starbucks, 30 minute uphill walk back. And I have to say, I'm proud of myself for not wimping out halfway there. That hill's a killer.

Today's Darling: I'm not sure I have any darlings from this batch. I blame it on Arlais. I really, really dislike her. Ugh. I'm so happy today's writing is back in Reina's POV, and Longan gets some screen time.
Pyto of the Day: "I'll leave Marek's territory for letter", "Thinks were progressing quite nicely", and "Dovonan" instead of "Donovan", repeatedly.
Today's Surprises: Donovan is less of a wuss than he seems in the outline. Other than that, things went pretty much according to plan. (Which means that I was feeling pretty uninspired, really. Have I mentioned how much I dislike Arlais?)
Music of Eerie Aptness: PHANTOM!

Okay, there's no aptness, but we watched Phantom last night and it was awesome, even if it was the full-screen version.

Mean Things: Donovan's desperate to get in on the action with Marek's territory, but it's only going to cause him grief. Poor Donovan.
Research Roundup: I don't think I researched anything for that bit...
Books in progress: Lord, I've probably got a dozen, at this point. My main read is The Moor, by Laurie R. King

Today's icon is brought to you by the People's Coalition Against Decorative Books
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As I menitoned in my last post, I roleplayed with Kati an interrogation between a cop and my MC, Reina. In it, Reina goes over the events the day she found Adri's body--Adri had gone to the library to study the night before, and when Reina went to sleep, she still wasn't back yet. When she woke up, Adri's bed was still empty. She was late for class so she took a shortcut through the campus park, and found Adri's body there.

When I went to bed last night, Shubhra wasn't in the room, but that's nothing unusual, because I went to bed really early and she's usually out hanging with people until late. I woke up at 7:00 (wayyyy too early for her to be up), and she wasn't in bed...

I got up and wandered into the bathroom, and thought, "Man, if Shubhra got murdered, I'm gonna be pissed."
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Finished Chapter 1, at 4,141. Goooood stuff. Reina dreamed of dying a living death, woke up, went to class, found her best friend/roommate's mutilated body, called the police, and is now being taken back to the police station to be questioned.

This is where it gets good. I roleplayed the interogation scene with Kati last night. Gods, that was fun. :D

I roleplayed the 911 call, too. Kati has been an incredible help with this WIP--and I'm only just getting started. *pounces on Kati and hugs her* Thanks so much! You're definitely getting a signed copy when it's published. :D
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I just sent off an e-submission to Arabella Magazine--twice. *blush* While halfway through composing the cover letter in Outlook, I fell victim to the pitfalls of my obsessive-compulsive saving habit while writing anything. As often happens to me, I missed the "save" button. Unfortunately, in Outlook, the button next to "save" "send"... So, needless to say, the submission was sent half written, and sans attachment. Oops. Big oops.

And how's this for response time? Ten minutes after sending the first, wrong email...and while still working on perfecting my correct one...I got a response. "Thanks. Please feel free to send the story. (It wasn't attached)."

Soo...I am now feeling like the world's biggest idiot. :-X But anyway. Submission is sent, keep your fingers crossed. 10 cents/word for a 1200 word short story is $120! Boy, could I use that!
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Got through scene 16 tonight--spent most of the day sewing and watching TV, so it's not bad :) Goal for tomorrow is to get at least halfway through my panne skirt, and outlined through scene 24.

Should be doable. :)
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Still chugging along on my outline. Slowly, slowly. I've got 12 scenes outline. At a pace of 2k/scene, I need 48 more. At a pace of 2.5k/scene, I need 36 more. 2k/scene is more reasonable for writing. 36 more scenes is more reasonable for plotting. Damn, damn, damn.

Okay, I just checked my stats for what I have of Rin's Story, and that's at an average of about 2.7k/scene. Maybe 2.5k/scene is feasable after all. *whew* I think my scenes tend to be longer with 1st person. And since this new one is going to be in 1st person as well, I think it's a safe assumption... :)

Woot. Only 36 more scenes to go.

Blech. Still 36 scenes left to go.

*doesn't know whether to boing or moan*

I just wish I was done with plotting and on to writing. Sigh.
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I'm shifting gears. I've spent 22 days not writing on Rin's Story, and wishing I could work on my new idea, and I'm sick of it. So, I'm setting aside Rin's Story for now, and I'm going to work on the new one. It's going to be a bitch to plot, though. *grumble* Mystery. I've never done mystery before. It rather intimidates me. *sigh*


Nov. 30th, 2003 11:33 pm
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Purries! Done! 50,059, and it's 11:30 and I've been battling exhaustion for about an hour, so that's it for the night. Not nearly done and in the middle of a fun scene, so more to come tomorrow, but that's it for the night.

NaNoWriMo 2003 Winner

Purriespurriespurries! Made it! I've never been so down-to-the-wire in NaNo before. It was kind of nice to see how most NaNo participants feel the night of. ^_^ Usually for me I'm several thousand words at least beyond the 50k by the time Nov 30th rolls around, so waking up the morning of with another 3.5k to go was quite an experience.

But I made it! Yayy! Happiness and hugs all around.


Nov. 30th, 2003 05:00 pm
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Loooong snippet. :p About 4k. But it's sex! Good stuff! ^_^ Nice raunchy sex-in-the-bathtub sex!

Like I said, this is sex, so if that sort of stuff bothers you, or you're underage, you really shouldn't read this. )


Nov. 30th, 2003 01:13 pm
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It's 1:25, and I just realized I haven't eaten anything worth mentioning all day. Today's writing has been fueled with Diet Pepsi and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Not the best of meals. Suddenly feeling dizzy. Meep. Should go get lunch.
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Current count: 48,011
Written today: about 1.5k
Words left: about 2k

I've noticed something. I write much, much faster when I'm not in chat. Well, at least there's one benefit of being unable to access AIM while I'm "home". ^_^
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46,555. About 3.6k today. Woot. Only another 3.5k tomorrow. Will not fall behind on this. It's only 3.5k. Failure is not an option.

And for toda, success is a reality. Purries!
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46,003. 3k written, 500 left for the day, 4k left for the month.

*mimicks the Little Engine That Could* I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

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Just over 45k. Written 2k today, at least 1.5k left to go for the day. It's not being too difficult--I'm mingling with the family while I write, because my aunt's here, and writing while I listen to them, so it's like I'm not focusing on it quite so much, and it's just...easier. It's slower paced than I did this morning, but it's easier. Not as exhausting.

We'll see how the rest of the day goes. I'm not going to bed until I get my 3.5k done, and every word written after that is one I don't have to write tomorrow. It's going good. I can do this. This is a nice hot sex scene, which are always fun to write, and after this I get to write the confrontation between Rin and the maid who's besooten of Kyl, and finds Rin naked in his bed. That'll be great fun, too. Good stuff.

I can do this.


Nov. 25th, 2003 08:45 pm
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This one takes place immediately after the last one.

snippet )
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First, Nano.

After studying my NaNo Excel Report Card Spreadsheat Thingie, I realized that I'm about 7k behind where I need to be to make 100k by the end of November. I'm not anticipating getting much written in the next five days. If I get nothing written (the worst extreme. Unlikely, but still, a possibility), I'll have to write more than 5k/day in order to catch up. That ain't gonna happen. And I've been letting my class reading slip, which is NOT what you want to be doing the first quarter of your first year of college...not a good habit to get into.

I've messed around with my Excel Spreadsheet thingie, and I think I'm going to downgrade my goal from 100k to 75k. That's 2.5k/day, and that puts me a little bit ahead of where I need to be. And if I get nothing written between now and the 18th, I'll have to write 3.225k/day in order to catch up. That's still less than my current daily goal for 100k. So it's all good.

And I understand that this may still be more of a time commitment than I can afford to put into NaNo. That's okay, too. I'm not dropping out, and as long as I make 50k by the 30th, I'll be happy. It's more important to me to be able to write and succeed in school, than to write a lot, at the expense of my schoolwork.

I'm bloody paying for college. I'm not going to pay for it just so I can sit on the computer and type 24/7.


And now, Dallas. As most of you know, I'll be flying to Dallas tomorrow morning, for [ profile] nonnycat and [ profile] robertsloan2's handfasting, and returning the evening of Tuesday, the 18th. I'll be bringing my laptop, but I don't think my hotel room has an internet connection, so I may be incommunicado until Tuesday or Thursday.

For those of you not able to attend the handfasting, I'll see you all next week! :)
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Snippet )
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Long damn sex scene snippet. 5k. All of yesterday's words. This is erotica, guys, so if that bothers you, don't read it.

Snippet )


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