Oct. 22nd, 2003 05:22 pm
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Okay, things just got incredibly stressful in the past...hour. Bleargh. As if stress about midterms wasn't bad enough.

1) I realized on the treadmill at Helm's Deep that I completely forgot to go to my Anthro discussion today. Big oops.

2) I went to check out the readings for my IR class from the Housing Office today, and--surprise!--they're gone. They're not checked out--they're just gone. No one knows where they are, I have no way to get them, and I need them read by class tomorrow. Joy. (And doesn't it just figure that the readings that look REALLY interesting are the ones that I CAN'T read? Ugh)

3) I signed onto the Evo forums to just chill and relax for a bit...and--surprise! again--there's a post by Nonny about the NaNo workshops next week. Oh yeah. Volunteered myself to do one of those. Oh yeah--volunteered myself to do TWO of those. Never mind the fact that I've never given a workshop before, and am not quite sure how the hell to go about it.



Okay. *deep breath* I can do this...

Ooh, cool!

Oct. 20th, 2003 05:11 pm
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Become a God or Goddess. by zerogirl
God/Goddess ofThe Unknown
Animal Companion:Griffon
Weak againstMetal
Weapon:Big stick
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Griffons! Whee!

*looks at the last one and thinks, "Teddy would be proud."*


Just got back from Helm's Deep. Upped my workout from 25 minutes at 3.3mph, to 25 minutes at 3.5mph, and it is amazing how much of a difference .2mph makes...yeow...

Was going to treat myself to a Diet Pepsi afterwards, but I only had a $5, the soda machine only accepts $1 bills, the change machine in Pippin was broken, the casheir at Pippin wouldn't give me change, and the only other change machine was a 20 minute walk away. So I'm drinking water. :p
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Just got back from Helm's Deep. Spent 25 minutes on the treadmill (because my pact with Erik was 40 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I spent 15 minutes walking to and from the housing office building) at 3.3 mph and on a random incline setting, which wasn't very random because it kept me at about 9% incline most of the time. :p But I feel good and am now sweating like a pig (I started sweating at about the 5 minute mark, and sweat was dripping down my spine from then on), so I had to change my shirt. :p

Anyway. Exercise. Good stuff.
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I went to Helm's Deep again today, but I only did the treadmill for 20 minutes. Was really bored. And after I signed out, I used their scale (it's one of the old balance scales, not an electronic one) to weigh myself. 157.5lbs. *vhs* This has gotten me really depressed today. I've been down for a while because I noticed that my belly's gotten bigger. That's the one thing about my body that I hate. Thighs have never bothered me, hips have never bothered me, but my belly is the bane of my existence. I was *hoping* that weighing myself would give me reassurance that it was all in my head. Apparently, it's not. I am 2 lbs heavier than I was this time last year--that completely blew me away when I saw that on my weight charts on And it is incredibly discouraging. If I remember my last weight correctly, I've gained about 10-15 lbs in the past month and a half to two months. I've felt like shit all day, since I discovered that.

I keep telling myself that I have not gotten fat. I am still wearing size ten jeans, and although my belly now pokes out over the waistband a bit, they are not tight. All my clothes still fit. But I don't *look* the same--as I said, my belly pokes out, and I hatehatehatehateHATE that. That's what's depressing me most about all of this. I don't want to go down another pants size. I don't really give a damn what I weigh. But I am superficial--so sue me. I care about how I look. And I don't like how I look with my bigger belly.

Anyway, I've made a few resolutions. First is to stay away from the damn frozen yogurt machine in Pippin. Damn thing is evil. Second is to do better on my points, even if I have to guess because the nutrition information isn't there. And no fudging on guessing--I'm really bad about it.

The third is exercise, and Erik has offered to help me keep to this one (purries, you're wonderful, hon :D:D). Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I am going to go down to Helm's Deep and spend at least 40 minutes on the treadmill. Weekends are bonus, but I want to get it in at least three times a week.

And we'll see next Friday how well this worked...I'm going to be peeved if I haven't gone down...

(BTW, if anyone has any suggestions for aleviating boredom while using exercise machines, they would be greatly appreaciated. I suspect it's most of the reason why I dislike it so much. I've tried reading--the book bounces around while I'm speedwalking. Music helps, but it's not enough.)
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O-kay, maybe not. Got all my stuff together to head to Helm's Deep, walked down there, got all excited about working out, only to discover that Helm's Deep doesn't open until 4:00. Sigh.
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I used the treadmill in Helm's Deep (the exercise room) for an hour today, at a fairly brisk pace--averaged a bit over 3 mph. According to the machine, I burned a bit over 200 calories. :p I guess that's what happens when you're having an emotional crisis, you need to either vent to someone or use muscle fatigue to purge it out of you, and your boyfriend is busy with something else... ;) I got a fair bit of Antigone read, as well, so all in all, I'm ahead of the game. :) And the plan is to keep this up. I do NOT want to be a victim of the Freshman Fifteen, and I've SEEN how much I've been eating lately...If I don't exercise regularly, I'm going to gain back all that weight I've lost with Weight Watchers, and then I'll be PISSED. (Especially considering I got rid of all my big clothes... :p)

After I got off the treadmill...ooh, boy, walking on the ground after spending an hour on a treadmill is...something else. My brain kept screaming the entire trip back to Shadowfax, "It's too fast! Why is the ground moving so fast??"

I feel good, though. :) Got all nice and sweaty.

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I forgot one.

7) Do at least twenty minutes of Tae Bo, three times a week. I can't expect my mind to stay healthy if my body is not.


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