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Call me crazy, call me blind as a bat, call me insane and a bad judge of merit, but I really think this is a good story. I've been trying to work backwards on the BN stuff, and although all I've got so far is 220 pages of writing and a premise that's twice as long as it should be, I already had high personal and public stakes in there without even realizing, and although I'm terrified that the first section is just filler until we get to the main plot, it meshes rather well and I'm having trouble seeing how I could change it or make it quicker, and although I've only had a couple of times where I was enjoying writing so much that it felt like I was soaring, I'm to the point where all of the plot to come is looking really fun and enticing, and I can't wait to get there, but it doesn't really matter because the part that I'm at is just as fun and enticing. It's good stuff, and I've not felt this way about anything I've written so far, with the possible exception of Child of Magic, but that doesn't count because I had an incredible amount of help from Holly and the other BN students in making it good. This was all on my own, off the top of my head, pouring out of my fingers as I fought to make my word counts every day. There was no planning, it was all spontaneous. And the only thing I can really think of that I should try to improve is the characters and their motivations and secrets and stuff. But DAMN, I'm loving this! I've never had this confident, this-really-is-good feeling before. And in the middle, to boot. Middles are usually the hardest part for me.

And I've come up with a title I really like, too. Ral's Story was flushed down the toilet the moment Blade made it clear in no uncertain terms that she liked her name and had no intention of changing it. The new title is Danger's Kiss, which I like a lot. Short, snappy, and intriguing. And it fits.
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Soaring, jumping, bouncing off the walls

and I've got less than 1000 words left to finish the 50k for NaNoWriMo. I am psyched. I wrote just over 2500 words yesterday, and two REALLY powerful and emotional scenes, and now I've got less than 1k to write today, which is so going to be a cinch after the near-2k days I've had to do all ths month. You gotta love fight scenes, and this one was a doozy. Knock-down, drag-out, take-no-prisoners, with both physical violence and divorce threatened, and only an inch away from the physical violence threat being carried out. And it was all because they each loved the other. I was loving it! And then, on top of that, my innocent, soul-less, running completely on instincts like a wild animal MC got thrown into the midst of the storm of emotions, because of her magic link with the two fighting characters. Man, I was so hyped last night, I even got all of my homework finished, on top of the mammoth word count (mammoth for me for right now, anyway).

I can't even sit still, I'm so hyped about this, and I can't wait to start today's writing!
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Approx. 1900 words written today, though a bit less, I think. Made my goal, anyway, and in time to watch Judging Amy without having to dash over to the computer during every commercial break. A good day, all told. Not great, but I've definitely had worse. Here's hoping tomorrow's even better.
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1984 written today, and my MC lost her soul. The whole last scene was in her POV, after her soul had been stripped from her, and she was running purely on instincts. Very cool and, I think, very powerful. And she took to calling her lover 'danger', which I think is just too cool for words. I don't know why, but it's very neat. And she was all torn between comforting 'danger' and finding safety for herself... Man, I love this scene. This is a cool scene.
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Woohoo! Two thousand words written (so far) today, and most of them relatively painless once I realized what Vahe's spell was, and what it's effects were. He creeated these little demon-things (the people call 'em soul-snatchers. They just look like pinpoints of light) that gather people's souls to use as energy, and so now I've got thousands of people running around acting on instict, which has the potential to be REALLY interesting. :) I'm considering, later, having my MC get attacked by one of the soul-snatchers, and writing from the POV of someone who's running purely on instict is looking to be really fun from here. I'm looking forward to it anyway. And the story's shaping up, and while I think I'm going to have MAJOR revision to do to weed out all the BS I wrote just trying to get my 1700 written each day, it could turn out really good. The potential's there, I just need school to ease up enough that I can concentrate on it. Maybe I'll be able to do that over Christmas break. Anyway, I'm really hyped up about the story now, not just plodding along trying to get each day's words done, and I can't wait to keep writing tomorrow. I *love* when it's like this.
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Feeling sick

Yesterday I made Kayla choose between saving the life of her husband and saving the life of her daughter, then once she'd made the decision, switched it on her. Today, I murdered her daughter in front of her. I feel sick, and empty. Writing like this just totally drains me. Thank goodness I finished my english essay earlier this afternoon, or I'd not be able to get it done at all. I want to cry. Yeah, mostly I just want to curl up and cry, and maybe get some of these bottled up emotions that aren't even mine out of me.
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I feel like slime. I did a freewrite at school today to figure out what happens next in my NaNo novel, and I'm having a love-hate relationship with the ideas I came up with. They're good ideas, sure to be heart-wrenchers, of them involves the baby daughter of Kayla, my first and hands-down all-time favorite main character, being murdered by a lunatic mage who wants to use the energy her death would unleash to complete a frighteningly spell, and the kid would be murdered in front of Kayla. It would be an awesome scene, really powerful, and I can already see it in my mind, but Kal would die.

The other idea I got from a bit of what I wrote that seemed like it could be foreshadowing, but it has to do with Kayla being put in the position where she's got to choose between trying to save Aren or trying to save her daughter. The ideas got massive gut impact, but I've never been in that kind of love, nor have I ever had a child, so I've no clue not only what emotions might go through her, but also what she'd eventually choose. Luckily, I don't think that's coming up for a while. Thank god, because I really don't want to deal with it right now.
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Doing a happy dance

2044 words today, all of them painless, and beyond that, nearly all of them fun! It's been WAY too long since I've had fun like this while writing, and I didn't even realize how much I missed it.'s like dancing on air. I'm sitting here grinning like an idiot, and if I weren't so damned tired I'd probably still be writing.

Going to bed now. I hope tomorrow goes as good as today did!
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Made about 10 words over my goal tonight. It was fairly painless, mostly because the last scene was a nice little, uhm, romantic scene. :) It was fun, anyway. And mom's ushering me off to bed. Night!
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Cool. 10:45, and I've already got my words done. Yay! And it was really funny, 'cause I told myself I'd write until I had 1,000 words left, then take a break, but when I reached that goal, I kind of sat there and thought "But I like what I'm writing right now. I want to take a break, but I don't really want to stop writing." So I decided to write until I had 700 words left, and the same thing happened. I finally took a break when I had about 175 words left, 'cause it was starting to not be much fun anymore. But I just played a couple games on Neopets, then played a game of FreeCell, and went back to writing. I'm really going to take a break now, though, because I want to go down and watch some more of the extra features on the Shrek DVD. I'll probably write more later, though.
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Happy birthday to me! Today's my 16th b-day. Yay! I've already gotten most of my presents--Jen gave me a butterfly candle, Dad gave me a trip to see STOMP, T is going to take me to Barnes and Noble, Mom gave me a writing notebook, a set of HUGE spiral-bound index cards for story ideas, a fat pencil 'cause I lost mine, an Into the Woods DVD, and two Big Kat bars, 'cause it's my sweet 16. :) Danielle said she was really upset 'cause she didn't get me anything, but that's okay. Really, the only specific thing I wanted was Into the Woods, and I got that, so I'm happy.

Gotta get back to writing now. 700 words to go, and Blade and Zak just made it to the shore. Yippee!
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Wow. I'm done. Already. And it's only...7 o'clock. Holy cow! I may actually have time to get my homework done tonight ;) And it was fun to write, too. Blade asked Zak to be her mate, and Zak nearly had a heart attack, not knowing that she used the Australian definition of the word. I was laughing the entire time I was writing that section.

I'm donna go celebrate. I don't know how, but I am.
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Glory, glory, hallelujah! Already 900 words in, and they were all relatively painless. Oh, joy!!! This is fun. Well, not really fun, because it's some painful revelations that the characters are going through, but hey, I'm enjoying it. :)

And, I got the comments working (sort of), so that's cool. It took me long enough.

I need to get my words finished, so I can study for my History test. I don't want to take it...Wah!

I am in a weird, hyper, sugar-high mood right now. Could you tell?
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Well, I made 700. It's going a bit easier than yesterday, but not nearly as easily as I'd hoped. (isn't that always the way? :) ) And, I had an epiphany in the middle of chat and realized that I completely forgot about a BIG, MAJOR plot point. I'll have to go back and add it in, and hopefully that'll give me a couple hundred more words. Only five days into the month (wow. It doesn't seem like it's been that long) and I already want to be done with this. Sigh. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get done today.
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I'm done!

Yay! Finished today's words, and the last 300 went far better than the first 1400 did. I think it's 'cause I finally got into the interesting stuff, that actually had a plot and a conflict. And I left off at a really good spot, too, because the pirates' mages have just sent a blast of magic towards Silversea, and are just about to be sucked into a magical Bermuda Triangle type thing, which will mean that my MCs are going to be recruited to attack Silversea instead. Havok, mayhem, and chaos. Fun fun fun! I hope tomorrow goes better than this week has.
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I've been playing around with BlogBuddy--finally got it to work. I think I may add BlogBack (is that right?) later. This is major procrastination, and I know it. I've got, like, 1500 words left to write. Blech!!!! There's nothing happening right now, that's the problem. Blade's just sitting around in the hold of a ship. Things should start picking up later, when things start happening. Though now that I think of it, I think I'm going through my plot way too fast. This won't last for 50k words if it keeps up at this rate.
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Whoa. I just finished a scene in which, essentially, all hell breaks loose. The ship Blade's on gets attacked by pirates using phosphorus bombs, sending it up in flames. I wanted to see how long the scene was--and found out it was 666 words long. Weird, huh?


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