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January 6, 2009 Progress Notes


Today's words: 1,162
Total words: 12,959
Reason for stopping: "Oh, I'll just take a nap until Leverage starts..." Yeah, right. :P
Today's Darling: I nodded and looked down at Zakkai as Samyazaz's words settled over me, as heavy as lead, as immutable as stone.
Research: Eucalyptus general information and medicinal uses, medicinal uses of mint oil
Books in Progress: All the Windwracked Stars, by Elizabeth Bear, though I didn't actually read anything yesterday, due to said "nap"
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January 5, 2009 Progress Notes

The Novel Formerly Known as Egregore-The-Second
(a.k.a. Iconoclast)

Today's words: 760
Total words: 11,797
Reason for stopping: It's late, my head hurts, I need to finagle a scene transition, and I want to have time to get some reading in before I have to go to sleep.
Today's Darling: She closed her eyes, squeezed them so tight that the skin at their corners creased, and bowed her head over the book. Her fingers turned white on its spine.
Books in Progress: All the Windwracked Stars, by Elizabeth Bear
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Over at RomanceDivas, we're making goals for 2009, and plans to achieve them. Here are mine:

The Goals:
-Finish, edit, and query both Egregore novels
-Write, edit, and query Selkie novel
-Write new full-length novel
-R&R Sacrifice
-write 1 novella
-write 2 short stories

The Plan:

-Write 1k/day on Egregore 2
-Submit 2 chapters of Egregore 1 to OWW

-Write 1k/day on Egregore 2
-Submit 2 chapters of Egregore 1 to OWW

-Finish Egregore 2
-Send 10 queries for Egregore
-Rewrite Sacrifice, submit to Samhain

-Write 1k/day on Selkie

-Write 1k/day on Selkie

-Finish Selkie

-Write novella

-Edit Selkie

-Send queries for Selkie
-Edit novella
-Write short story

-write 1k/day on new novel

-write 1k/day on new novel

-Write short story
-Edit novella


I have not gotten off to a good start on the writing, due to family and illness. But I'm already past 500 words today and I haven't even had my lunch break yet, so I'm optimistic that I'll be able to catch up.
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Well, I sucked at reaching my goal of 50 books this year. Only managed half. Oy.

The List )
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You know, for someone who writes fantasy/paranormal, I am constantly amazed at how much of a skeptic I truly am.
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December 23, 2008 Progress Notes

Egregore the Second

Today's words: 525
Total words: 11,036
Reason for stopping: My lunch break ended
Today's Darling: And the god sent down his rain to cleanse and bless the temple, and flowers sprouted at its base, and trees reached up their slender branches toward his glory.
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December 22, 2008 Progress Notes

Egregore the Second

Today's words: 511
Total words: 10,517
Reason for stopping: Dealing with the fucking adware that's installed itself onto my system
Today's Darling: Every time he approached her now, he did so humbled by the knowledge that he might be refused
Mean Things: The knowledge of what's to come
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Dear coworker,

Just because you are listening to Christmas music doesn't give you the right to subject the rest of the office to it. Put on your damn headphones.
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December 21, 2008 Progress Notes

Egregore The Second

Today's words: 573
Total words: 10,002
Reason for stopping: Have to work in the morning. Booooo.
Today's Darling: Fingertips touched the side of his neck, cool and soft, and slid up to the vulnerable stretch of skin beneath his jaw.
Surprises: Samyazaz is giving Logan a run for his money in the angst department. Really, why am I surprised?

10k! Yay! I'm having the same sort of disconnect that I did with Egregore the First. "10k? Really? But I'm pretty sure nothing has happened... o.O"
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December 17, 2008 Progress Notes

Egregore The Second

Today's words: 605
Total words: 8,732
Reason for stopping: Why do I never remember how distracting my Borders friends are? "Oh, I'll just go and get a couple hours of longhand in..." Yeah, no.
Liquid sustenance: Mountain Dew. Not nearly as much tea as I'd have liked.
Actual sustenance: does sugar count as 'actual sustenance'? It was our annual "holiday candy/goodie potluck day", so there was a metric tone of fudge and cookies and such. Also, some really incredible artichoke dip.

Today's Darling: Samyazaz had only seen its like once before, a brief glimpse at his father's side, and that moment had been swollen with import and the knowledge that he beheld something sacred.
Mean Things: Samyazaz still doesn't quite Get It
Research Roundup: not much, really
Books in progress: I read the first two pages of Lord John and the Private Matter. Does that count?
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...600 words in 20 minutes using Write or Die. 0.0

It really is all about overcoming inertia.
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There are some definite perks to working with your mom -- carpooling! lunch with mom! But there are definitely some drawbacks. Like getting a phone call from her in the morning:

Mom: Are you sick?!
Me: ... No?
Mom: Well, where's your car? It's not in your normal parking spot!
Me: *headdesk* I parked over in the other parking lot.
Mom: Why'd you park there?
Me: *facepalm* Because I overslept and got in late, okay? Can I get back to work now?
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December 16, 2008 Progress Notes

Egregore The Second

Today's words: 105
Total words: Really must remember to check when I get home...
Reason for stopping: I was an idiot, and forgot to email what I wrote at work before I left.
Liquid sustenance: earl grey and mountain dew
Actual sustenance: breakfast sausage, chili
Today's Darling: I didn't write enough to have a darling
Mean Things: How long I'm dragging this out. Really must pick up the pace.
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It should not require a heavy fleece sweater, double-layered armwarmers, and a scalding-hot cup of hot chocolate just to keep me warm enough that I'm not shivering, while inside my office.

Grrrr. Turn the heat on plzkthnx.
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December 16 15, 2008 Progress Notes

Egregore The Second

Today's words: 358
Total words: Damn, still not sure. About 8k, I think. If I'm lucky.
Reason for stopping: Laziness, I suppose. :P
Liquid sustenance: half a cup of bad coffee, Mountain Dew, and a pot of earl grey
Actual sustenance: country potatoes, mushroom turnovers (OMG yum!)
Exercise: Does repeatedly throwing cats off the keyboard count as lifting weights?

Today's Darling: Not much to choose from, but I suppose I rather like this line: Fingers clenched at the base of her skull, wrenched tight, but she kept her face downturned to hide the distress that he knew must be writ there.
Mean Things: Zakkai's still slowly dying, and Pen and Sam still have their hands tied to do anything to help him
Research Roundup: not much that pertained to the writing. Plenty that had absolutely nothing to do with it.
Books in progress: I plead the fifth!
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Holy heck. I threw a soup together for dinner, and it's amazing. Mom's insanely good at being able to throw stuff together without a recipe and have it come out great, but I've never been able to do it. This, though, is quite fabulous. And oh so very simple.

I just sauted a couple spoonfuls of minced garlic in some olive oil, added a package of ground beef (I think it was somewhere between one and two pounds) and cooked it until the meat was browned. Then I added a package of frozen bell pepper strips, a package of frozen "mixed veggetables in balsamic butter sauce" that I snagged at Trader Joe's because they looked good, two boxes of beef broth, a jar of italian sausage spaghetti sauce, a large can of diced tomatoes, and some pesto. And once that was boiling, I added a pound of mini ravioli and cooked it until they were done. Then I just took it off the heat, added a couple more spoonfuls of garlic, stirred it in, and waited until it was cool enough to heat. Yummiest. Soup. Evar.

Originally, it was just the ground beef, vegetables, broth, and pesto, but I was worried that the pesto was going to be really strong and overpowering, so I added the tomatoes and spaghetti sauce to mellow it out a bit. Definitely a good idea.

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...and apparently it's also been a year since I sold Psyche.

Ohgod, I really need to sell something else. Or hell, even submit something else. All that self-indulgent porn is really coming back to bite me in the ass.
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I'm going to try using this format again, because I enjoyed it when I did, and because I think it's important to point out to myself lines that I really like, for when the self-doubt gremlin starts rearing its head. Also because it is (hopefully) more interesting than a daily stream of meaningless numbers.

December 11, 2008 Progress Notes

Egregore The Second

Today's words: 608
Total words: not sure, because I'm doing this on a break at work. Around 8k-ish, I think.
Reason for stopping: An entirely-too-distracting friend. Why do I always think that I'll be able to write through his chatter? And then I went home way late and crashed on my bed with the lights on and my clothes on and everything.
Liquid sustenance: a pot of earl grey tea, plus half a cup of crappy tea from Borders that was most definitely not earl grey, much to my ire
Actual sustenance: country potatoes, a cream-cheese-and-herb stuffed pretzel, tortilla soup
Exercise: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Today's Darling: Strands of hair clung to her cheeks again, to her lips, making him want to close the distance between them and brush them away for her.
Mean Things: a little boy dying from secondary drowning
Research Roundup: first aid for near-drowning, herbs to treat asthma, known aliases for a handful of said herbs
Books in progress: None. Oh my god, I haven't finished a book in ages. Jeez, I suck.
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...and discovered that nearly a year ago, I also went digging through my archives, and posted about it because I happened to discover that it was nearabouts a year to the day that I had started writing AtG.

Which means that now, it's been about two years since I wrote AtG.

Two. Years. o_O

Fuck me. I'm too young for time to be flying by this fast.
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I think I might start posting my daily wordcounts again, if only to keep myself accountable. I haven't been entirely thrilled with my counts lately; maybe this will help.

I only got about 500 words yesterday, mostly because I spent much of my lunch break trying to do research and being failed by my google-fu. It seems the collective advice for how to deal with a near-drowning is "TAKE THEM TO A HOSPITAL, STUPID". Oh so very helpful. :P

Also, I think I'm going to stop having my twitter posts shipped to LJ. I end up not making posts to LJ because I think, "Oh, but I've already twittered about it, and then it'll end up on here twice and be redundant and annoying", which I'm not happy about.


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